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Shaheen Bagh protest on despite COVID-19 health risk.

Shaheen Bagh protest on despite COVID-19 health risk..!!

Reacting to the government’s advisory, Qazi Emad, media coordinator of the Shaheen Bagh protest said, “We respect the ban imposed by the government at cinema halls and events such as IPL. But those are a form of entertainment whereas our agitation is about our fight for survival. It cannot be compared.”

Despite coronavirus outbreak in the country, Shaheen Bagh protestors are not willing to evacuate the site and are clarifying that they are following all guidelines and are taking all precautions.

This statement comes a day after the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) sought a report from the District Magistrate of South East Delhi regarding the assembly of people at the Shaheen Bagh protest site amid the COVID-19 outbreak.(Which has majority of elderly ladies above 55 years of age!)

One of the protesters said that women at #ShaheenBagh were aware of the threat posed by #coronavirus due to which they have all donned masks and are carrying #sanitisers in their respective bags.

She further said that the protests will continue adding that it is high time that the #Centre pays heed to their “constitutionally valid” demands.

#Police and RWA members reached the protest site to interact with the women, but they still refused to finish their risky agitation..!!

Since #Covid-19 is a respiratory disease, health experts said exposure to large gathering increases the chances of contracting it. People from all walks of life attend these gatherings. It is possible that they may have had some contact with those from affected areas or with those who were in contact with the affected. It can make the virus spread faster…!!

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