jalees ansari goes missing

Jalees Ansari, one of the most wanted terrorists, has gone missing during parole

Jalees Ansari, an MBBS doctor is also known as ‘Dr Bomb’ who has been alleged to have played a role in over 50 blasts across India and has been serving life term in a jail in Ajmer after being convicted of carrying out blasts in trains on Dec 5th and 6th, in six locations in Rajasthan, 1993.

Jalees came to India in 1992 through Bangladesh after receiving training in Pakistan and started his network here to spread terror and work against the country.

“He was in contact with members of HuJi and started the work for laying the foundation of Indian Mujjahideen. He started looking for youth to prepare a team here,” said a senior official who investigated the Jaipur blasts case.

“TWENTY-EIGHT” long years after he was first booked for his attempt at making a bomb, a sessions court had convicted Dr Jalees Ansari for the offence. (FINALLY)

The additional sessions judge in Malegaon on October 30, found Ansari, who has been given the moniker ‘Dr Bomb’ by investigators, guilty under the Explosive Substance Act and sentenced him to 10 years in prison, while acquitting him under the Arms Act in 2008.

AND now…. One of the most wanted terrorists in the country has gone missing during parole….!!

And… Here we are (In the name of Secularism), providing resources and aiding shelter to many such menacing people.

So what option does that leave for the government or the apex court? Filtrate the illegal perilous population or…… just sit and watch them flee while on their parole.

Maybe in the name of secularism, let us just watch him be a part of another serial bombings….? So that we can conveniently blame the current central government yet again, for not taking care of our national security. (A fresh reason to revolt and create havoc on streets)

And… I can only hope that probably the fear of #NRC and #CAA made him flee out of the country or….. he is traced back by the police soon (which is unlikely due to lack of proper records and registrations)….!

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