It is time to paint the waiting empty canvas..

Amidst our constant relay in life, abruptly approaches a day, disguised as Janta Curfew. A day, on which we could perceive veritable noiseless morning. No hustle to reach the office at time, is subjecting us with plenty of time for all our hobbies.

Standing in the balcony of my room, looking at the deserted roads made me ponder how fickle and capricious our life actually is. In the race to live a better life, we actually forget to live….!

After ages, I could clearly discern the 9:00 am chirping birds which made me marvel if they are singing a happy song today or it’s just me heeding to them for the first time…?

It’s about time, we ponder upon why Corona has happened in our lives. Where all did we go wrong? What all we can do to extricate our mankind and our planet earth.

It is time to paint the waiting empty canvas..

Time to read the unfinished books…

Time to watch movies with your family at home…

Time to watch sun- set with a cup of hot tea in your hand….

Time to try new dishes at home for your family…

Time to quarantine or maybe amend our lifestyle…?

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