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Is Gandhi family ushering Congress towards a downfall..?

Is Gandhi family ushering Congress towards a downfall..?

The Indian National Congress practically though not finished, for all puposes, it is staging the symptoms of complete collapse.

For too long, Brand Gandhi and Brand Congress were seen as inseparable — it was a strong conviction that Congress would be fragmented without the family “glue”, and it was the family itself that was bringing in the votes. Now Congress is slowly decaying despite family control, and the family isn’t able to amass votes either. Rahul Gandhi has lost two consecutive national elections, and it’s only strongman local leaders like Amarinder Singh or Bhupesh Baghel who’ve been able to grip the occasional Congress victory in states.

Sonia Gandhi conscientiously held together her family party for a decade, but now seems too feeble to make the same effort. Priyanka Gandhi continues to hop in and out of active politics…!

With Jyotiraditya Scindia’s departure, there are predictions of the impending quietus of the Congress. But in my view, it’s not the Congress that’s about to expire — it’s the Gandhi family’s political authority that has died. Today, the party is bereft of people with leadership qualities!

When even such an immediate family friend ups and leaves after much resentment and anger, it’s clearly a resounding vote of no-confidence in the Gandhi family.
If I were to put it satirically, the precipitous decline of Brand Gandhi is a lucky chance to revive Brand Congress. The resurgance of the party is essential for the functioning of a healthy democracy in India.

But by supporting the tukde tukde gang, opposing Article 370, talking the talk of Pakistan…. Where exactly is congress headed..?

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