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How Corona chains works, if you do not practice isolation.

How Corona chains works, if you do not practice isolation…

The first patient from Chandigarh is a 23-year-old student from Sector 21 who had returned from the UK on 15 March. On Friday, the Chandigarh administration confirmed that her mother, brother and the family’s cook had tested positive.

As if this was not enough…

The family insists the student has remained in isolation ever since her arrival, but the health officials have traced her contact with a Sector 20 beautician and a massage professional. At least two families, one from Sector 21 and another from Sector 38C, also came in contact with her between her arrival and testing positive for the coronavirus.


Her brother, who helps his father run his business, had travelled to Delhi and met people there. Health officials added that the family also came in touch with some people in Haryana’s Karnal and Gurugram. (These people in Karnal and Gurugram, could have never guessed this possibility!)

Just do not think that you have to avoid people only with symptoms or travel history. The corona chain forms in unexpected ways, which can only be broken by complete isolation!

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