Coronavirus: Do you understand why is it important to stay at home?

Unprecedented measures have been taken, but many people seem to take the situation ‘lightly’ in the country. PM Narendra Modi has even appealed to the people to take instructions seriously.

If you want to know how one Covid-19 patient can set off a chain then Delhi’s case No. 10 is an apt example. The patient is a woman with a history of travel to Saudi Arabia.

According to government data, five of Delhi’s 30 novel corona cases so far, excluding her, are linked to her. This includes the Dilshad Garden resident’s two daughters, her brother, mother and a doctor who attended to her!

While the doctor’s wife and daughter too are now showing symptoms and are awaiting test results!

Now the authorities claim that the doctor must have infected atleast a 100 people who were his patients!

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