An open letter to Miss. pseudo knowledge, Swara Bhaskar

An open letter to Miss. pseudo knowledge, Swara Bhaskar

An open letter to Miss. pseudo knowledge Swara Bhaskar….

You have reprimanded and behaved in every possible way, which clearly reveals your lack of sound understanding and intellect. Not once did you think wisely before doing a verbal diarrhea and shaming our beloved war- heroes. In your attempt to be more famous, by playing the Hindu- Muslim card you even gave a clean chit to the mobs that went on a rampage. According to you mam, UP police should not have retaliated against the mob despite the latter indulging in violent stone- pelting! (May be you should consider paying damages, in that case?)

Though, I should admit, it is ‘amusing’ to watch you speak considering your unearthly choice of words, hilarious hand gesture and your immoderate facial expressions, acting like a cherry on top of cake!

You make jokes at the expense of Indian PM and also you are too good an actor to be ignored. (I do not mean the few movies you did. I simply mean, your ability to turn heads due to your disappointing and hatred tweets and comments.)

I am still not explicit, if you have even a slight idea of CAA, NPR and NRC. Why have you been always reluctant to contribute what you understand about the above stated acts?

Instead of crying out meaningless slogans of “Aazadi” in an already independent nation, why do not you just share your widest knowledge about the act, provisions and constitution of India.

I have heard you are the only person on this planet who has already seen a draft of NRC, even way before our home minister! Kuddos!
“Agar aap kaagaz nahi dikhayengi, toh hume ye toh bataye kaun kaunse kaagaz chahiye? Ye baat toh PM ko bhi nahi pata abhi!”

Waiting for a reply from your end! I do not need any irrelevant statement, let’s come
straight to the point and discuss the provisions of the act!

A music lover, who has equal regards for Adnan Sami and Arijit Singh!

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