After the mandatory use of personal protective equipment (PPE) kits at Covid hospitals, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has directed all its staff deployed at quarantine centres, isolation centres and Covid care centres across the city to wear PPE and ensure effective management on the lines of hospitals.

Additional Municipal Commissioner Shantanu Goel said guidelines have been issued on effective practises to manage patients at various quarantine centres, isolation centres and Covid care centres being set up across the city. “It has been noticed that a few of the centres have still not complied with the guidelines…,” he said.

All the staff entering these centres to clean them, or to supply food, have to wear PPEs, he said. Security guards who go inside the centres also have to wear PPEs.

The centre should be cleaned every two hours and the waste should be disposed of immediately. Biomedical waste, including masks, gloves and PPE kits should be disposed of properly in an yellow bag and sanitised with sodium chloride at a specific location. The food waste of those housed in the centre should be dumped in another bag and disposed of three times in a day. specifies the PMC guidelines.

Every room at the centre should be cleaned once a day while the passage should be cleaned thrice in a day. The toilets should be cleaned at least five times in a day and the building should be disinfected thrice a day. The bed of Covid patients should be disinfected as soon as they are shifted to a new place.

All those housed at the centres should be provided with masks, sanitiser, food and water.

The waiting area, medical store, centre office, general store, swab room, food store, site to keep dry waste, wet waste and biomedical waste should be demarcated with boards. An ambulance has to be available at each centre 24/7, as per the guidelines.


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