The UT Administration has a facility of 3,000 beds for accommodating Covid-19 patients (mild and serious category). UT Adviser Manoj Parida said there was no shortage of ventilators, PPE kits or medicines to treat patients.

Arun Gupta, Health Secretary, UT, said, “Some Covid care centres, including Hotel Parkview, Girls’ Hostel No. 8, PU, a school near the PGI, Panchayat Bhawan and a part of Sood Dharamshala, are being used for institutional quarantine. These can be used as Covid care centres if the need arises. There are around 300 beds in two Covid hospitals and 500 beds in three health institutions for moderate patients.”

UT Administrator VP Singh Badnore ordered that preparations should be in place to fight water/air-borne diseases.

Meanwhile, 116 persons have reached Chandigarh from abroad, of whom 29 have been discharged from institutional quarantine after testing. Similarly, 281 domestic flyers have also arrived in the city and have been advised to go for self-isolation at home.

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